Escaping News

It's incredibly important to keep up with news. It's often emotionally heavy, though, and can fell inescapable, especially for those involved in the journalism industry. No matter where someone turns, it's as if the next breaking news story is right there. That's why books are so important. They allow us to escape from the real … Continue reading Escaping News


Newsroom Soundtracks: Christmas

While the last soundtrack celebrated the holiday season as a whole with a mixture of Halloween and Christmas music, now that Halloween has passed the office has moved into full Christmas mode. While Christmas is over a month away, everyone in the office is already trying to get into the Christmas spirit, and someone is … Continue reading Newsroom Soundtracks: Christmas

Newsroom Soundtracks: The Nightmare Before Christmas

As the three months signifying the holiday season have arrived, the soundtrack in the Nicholls Worth office has shifted and is equally as festive as the season. Disney music is always some of the most popular around the office, and that's no exception at this time of the year. The music from The Nightmare Before Christmas keeps … Continue reading Newsroom Soundtracks: The Nightmare Before Christmas