From Within the Glass Walls


Deep in the back of Nicholls campus, the student publications building has sat for years. In the corner of one of its many rooms has been situated another office, lined with glass walls and a glass door. In that office, a number of editors have come and gone, leading the Nicholls Worth as its staff members studied and worked, and as newspapers and now magazines have been delivered.

I never thought much of the editor’s office during my first year at the Nicholls Worth, as it never pertained to me and was not a place where I spent my time. I’ve quickly grown to admire it in my short time here, though, as this office soon became nearly a place of residence as the summer months drew on and we began developing the magazine.

I’ve already grown fond of this fish tank of an office, for not only was it in here that we designed the magazine and I made my first hires, but it is from within here that I get to witness the rest of my staff do what they do best. Watching from within my glass cage as my staff toiled away at their work with intense dedication has given me a new appreciation for the daily aspects of what we do that I did not even have when I did it myself.


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