Shooting the Cover

One of the biggest points of deliberation for our editorial and photo staff is designing the cover for each issue of the magazine, which is ultimately a culmination of a few different factors.



All of our covers must highlight one of the most newsworthy stories in our magazine. We first break down each of the stories in the issue and determine which ones are the most relevant to our audience.



It is essential that each cover stands on its own and looks different from any of the other issues released around it. For example, our first two covers featured different sports on campus, and being that we are not a sports magazine, we had to take care to feature something else in the following issues for that semester.



Going in line with the idea of distinction, each cover has to be designed so that it stands on its own while highlighting the story we selected to represent. The decision on how to design the cover is typically left up to the photography staff. After taking multiple pictures of the previously decided subject, my managing editors and I discuss the different photos and select one to be placed on the cover. The final result is a cover that is representative of one of our stories and is both unique in its subject and its design.




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