The Importance of Live-Tweeting

Aside from our normal social media practices, which typically involves posting on Facebook and Twitter when we have announcements or post new stories, last year we began live-tweeting home football games.

It simply started with me, a sports writer at the time, in the stands, tweeting out the games stats and score updates as they happened in real time. We found a lot of success, gaining a wave of new followers and shares, so coming back into this year we decided to do so again, but this time we made an upgrade.


We got in touch with the athletic communications department on campus and managed to get a press pass for one of the current sports writers, so rather than sitting in the stands and struggling with the internet connection, the writer is able to go into the press box with a computer and get more detailed information out faster.

We also began live-tweeting Student Government Association meetings. The meetings are open to all students, but it provides quick updates so students can get an instant update of exactly what was covered at the meeting.

We’re making plans to live-tweet more events in the spring. It gives our audience instant access to news as it is happening, and is essential in the ever-moving shift from print products to online news. It provides news that our audience is more likely to quickly share, as it lets them show the one bit of information they truly care about rather than reading and sharing an entire story.


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