About Me


Welcome! Thanks for checking out my site!

I’m Collin Brazan. I’ve been writing nearly my entire life, as I’ve been attempting to hone my skillsĀ and teach myself since I was just in third grade. I decided to further advance my skills by majoring in journalism, so that I could develop my ability as a news writer the same way I had been training myself to write fiction.

I applied for the Nicholls Worth my freshman year of college. There I worked for a semester as a sports writer and then another semester as a sports editor. One year later, I was promoted to the editor of the entirety of the Nicholls Worth, and with it came my decision to convert the long-standing newspaper to a magazine.

Here is where I’ll further describe my mindset when making such a monumental change, as well as the many lessons I’ve learned in my short tenure as an editor. Thank you for reading!