Making the Transition

Behind the Changing of a Newspaper to a Magazine


Heading into this semester, we knew something needed to change at the Nicholls Worth. We were losing attention in our newspaper, something a lot of news publications are dealing with today. We were proud of the product we had been putting out, but it wasn’t up to date with industry standards. Instead of making a series of small changes in an attempt to adjust our product over time, we decided to blow everything up and do something totally new by scrapping the newspaper for a magazine.


Something New and Exciting

Creating a magazine allowed us to completely start from scratch. We were able to create a brand-new design and rethink all of our content.

The change allowed us to more carefully design the placement of all of our content as well as the art on the cover and inside the magazine. Colors popped more than they ever had, and it became a product that stood out on campus newsstands.

Our content continues to evolve, but transition allowed us to reimagine what we wanted to cover. We were able to take a break from the constant stream of news for a moment over the summer to come up with content that would be relevant and interesting to our audience. The magazine gave us an opportunity to excite students and create a product that was specifically made for them.


The Online Component

Now that we were only printing monthly, we had time to focus on what has arguably become the most important aspect of our publication: our website.

We went from infrequently publishing stories on our website to posting three a day. The staff had given more effort to online posting last year, but with a weekly print product, it was nearly impossible to free up the time to generate enough content. Now with more free time, writers went from maybe having one story assignment a week to sometimes having two or three just for the website. It’s allowed us to deliver more relevant news in a timelier manner than we ever could before.


More Accurate Experience

The heavy introduction of online media has given our staff a type of experience and workload that is more accurate to today’s industry standards than that had previously.

As we begin to settle into a rhythm with our online content, we’re planning to introduce more varied types of media to our writers so that they can get experience with audio and video. It’s an opportunity we couldn’t have had without the magazine, which has opened more doors for us than we could have imagined.