Rachel Klaus: Seeing the Nicholls Worth’s Biggest Changes


Rachel Klaus is one of the most tenured members of the current Nicholls Worth staff. She is the current graphic designer for the magazine and serves as a mentor to the new management staff. After having been the sports editor and managing editor, she’s seen the Nicholls Worth grow in a unique way.

Looking for Experience

Rachel applied to the Nicholls Worth when she was a sophomore. Like many, she said she wanted to gain more experience in the mass communication field and obtain potential networking opportunities for the future.

While most new staff members are hired on as writers, Rachel was given additional responsibilities by immediately being signed on as the sports editor, a role that requires advanced knowledge of journalism fundamentals and leadership qualities.

Filling Bigger Shoes

Rachel then applied for the position of managing editor. She left behind creating assignments and writing stories each week to partner with a new editor and manage the Nicholls Worth’s staff.  After watching the managing editor before her, she said she felt she could easily improve on what had been done.

“I’m very organized and very much a people person. I do consider myself a good leader, someone who could help other people,” she said.

Continuing her trend of unique experiences, Rachel remained the managing editor the following year when a new editor, Alexis Canon, was hired. It’s rare that a managing editor worked with multiple editors, but as, Caroline, the editor before Alexis, still remained on staff, Rachel was able to be a part of an experienced group of leaders at the head of the Nicholls Worth.


Rachel said having Alexis gave her the opportunity to grow the company with one of her best friends. Together, Rachel and Alexis redesigned the Nicholls Worth newspaper one final time, paving the way for what would become its biggest change in history.

One Final Semester

After Alexis stepped away from the Nicholls Worth to complete school, Rachel returned in her final semester as a student to be a graphic designer. She wanted additional experience in graphic design, something she recently found a passion for, and thus returned to the Nicholls Worth to design the new magazine.


“She can really make some great looking stuff in no time,” Jake Vincent, a layout designer for the magazine said.

Rachel’s return also allowed her to serve as a guide the next wave of editors.

“Now she gets to sit back and enjoy it, instead of having constant deadlines every week,” Juana Martinez, one of the current managing editors, said.